The best music singles created by teenagers

When you are in high-school, it doesn't mean that you should always be concerned with the questions "Who can write essay for me?" and "Whom can I pay to do my math homework?" (although, it is quite important too). High school is a time for exploration and creativity, which means that you can draw, sing, and write music. Many famous hits were created by teenagers.

Top music songs written by teenagers

Many young people in high school rather devoted their time to studying or parties hesitating to come up with something serious, like writing a song. While you can send a request, «Please, do my math homework for me» to a professional service, the time may be spent on something really creative. Here are the 19 talented artists and their compositions which were recorded by the age of twenty:
1. Billie Eilish and her famous single about a bad guy received a nomination for Grammy in 2019 while it was created when she was only fifteen years old;
2. Another hit of Billie is «Ocean Eyes». It was drafted by her brother-teenager who also won for it five prestigious awards;
3. Have you heard about Adele and her first well-known song, «Hometown Glory,» which was created at the age of sixteen?
4. Chance the Rapper composed his song «Brain Cells» in 2012 in high school influenced by the weed;
5. Avril Lavigne had her debut with the help of the «Let Go» which made the girl famous at eighteen years old. But she was discovered as a singer even earlier when she was 14;
6. Famous Amy Winehouse co-created a quite lyric composition among teenagers favorite songs, a winning hit «Stronger Than Me» being a teenager too;
7. The breakout song «Royals» recorded by Lorde has been stated the best anthem of today, and it was actually written fifteen minutes after her 15th birthday;
8. Another popular teen song is the «Uptight,» written by Stevie Wonder, which was presented to the public after he turned 15. It received two nominations;
9. A well-known among young music artists is Fiona Apple who created her highest-charting and Grammy-winning song «Criminal» an hour before she turned seventeen;
10. Halsey wasn't interested in becoming a singer and came up with her «Ghost» song before she celebrated her 19th birthday. The song became viral overnight;
11. Alex Turner, the current frontman of Arctic Monkeys, recorded his first track at eighteen which became loved by fans;
12. How not to mention Taylor Swift on this list? Her famous track «Teardrops on my guitar» was created when she was attending high school;
13. Another song created by Taylor at sixteen was «Sparks Fly» which became a standout composition on her album;
14. The composition «Do you know» performed by Robin at the age of sixteen got in top 10 US best singles;
15. Matt Bellamy wrote his «Sober» whiskey-referencing track being 18 years old;
16. Famous Paul McCartney came up with his song «I'll follow the sun» at the age of 18;
17. The band A Tribe Called Quest didn't reach twenty when they released «Can I kick it?»;
18. Kate Bush became known as the first female singer in the UK due to her song recorded at the age of 19;
19. Khalid became famous with his track «Location,» which he created when he was 18.